The Cullen where fonded by Dr.Cullen and his son Edward but there is a secret to them.They arn't your ordinary family. This is a vampire coven. The cullen clan,coven, famliy or what ever you call them.There are more to this coven then people think.  Because of the cullen not eating human blood they live along side the  human as a ordinary family.

the founders of the cullen clanEdit

Dr. Cullen is one on the founder of the cullen coven him and edward after he changed edward he meet esme again esme was a old patient who broke her leg. Esme was rush to the hospital after she atempted suicide there she agreed to change and there Edward had got a mother. Years later Rosalie Hale join the Cullen and her mate Emmette later in time. Many years later Alice and jasper joined.


In 2008 Bella Swan meet Edward Cullen  soon to be mate (Twilight Saga ). Bella moved from Arizona to Forks to live with her dad Charlie Swan.

history of the cullenEdit

the Cullen clan started on September of 1892 when Carlisle  was worling night shift in chicago he met a woman who cought the spanish Influenza but it was too late for her but not for her son so she asked him to save him at frist he did not understand but for her sons state he did soon after Edward whe

september of 1819


newborn rosealie

nt on his own to see what else there was he found the taste of blood but soon after leaving carlisle and esme released what he was and came back. later in life.Carlisle found rosealie bleeding after aboused by her ex boyfreind he smelled the blood and changed her. ome after that she  found emmette and brought him to carlisle.

furture member'sEdit

later in the twilight saga two new member came to be Bella Swan and Renesmee cullen daughter of Eward and Bella cullen. Bella joined after she was changed by Edward and renesmee is a human/vampire hybride.

renesmee cullen